Agile India Job Fair

Second Annual Agile Job Fair!

A platform dedicated for the Agile practitioners to meet their potential Agile employers and for companies to find Agile practitioners to enable their journey to Agile adoption and excellence.

Event organised by the Agile Software Community of India, a registered non-profit society. We've been running conference and other events in India since 2004. This job fair is from 7-9 PM, March 25-27th 2015, along with Agile India 2015, our annual, international conference, which attracts over 1000 international participants.

Current Stats...

Application received from Job Seekers

Role# of ProfilesAgile Experience Range
1490-2 Years
Agile Architect32-5 Years
Agile Coach182-11 Years
Agile Consultant200-8 Years
Agile Developer80-5 Years
Agile Leader70-4 Years
Agile Tech Lead60-8 Years
Agile Tester80-3 Years
Agile Trainer80-5 Years
Agile UX Designer20-2 Years
DevOps20-2 Years
Enterprise/Executive Coach25-12 Years
Iteration Manager40-3 Years
Others110-4 Years
Portfolio Manager30-5 Years
Product Owner40-3 Years
Project Manager70-5 Years
Scrum Master152-7 Years
Total2772-12 Years
Click on the red-markers on the map to see detailed city-wise job-seeker's stats.

Participating Companies

  • JP Morgan
  • QAI Global
  • Sabre Travel Technologies

Why a Job Fair?

Agile methods are mainstream and they are here to stay. In India, many companies are having a hard time finding needles in the haystack .i.e. finding good Agile practitioners from a whole lot of posers.

The few, really good practitioners out there, have a similar problem. Every company wants to hire Agile people, but are they ready? Do they really believe in Agile culture or even have an agile mindset?

Many practitioners want to talk to real people from the company to really understand the culture of the organisation and the quality of the work. Browsing the classifieds or surfing the Internet or talking to headhunters (recruiting companies) can only get you so far.

To solve this problem, we are creating a first-of-its-kind, unique opportunity where job-seekers can meet several top Agile employers face-to-face under one roof, clarify their doubts, interview with potential companies and also socialise with other candidates.

Walk-In to explore a gamut of Agile career opportunities with the best Agile employers in India.

Job Seekers

What kind of candidates would this event attract?

Since we've announced the job fair, we've got a tremendous response (see the stats above.) However we'll continue to market the job fair to top-notch software professionals from IT companies in India. However, who will attend will largely depend on the kind of companies that will be participating to hire candidates. We would filter the companies, to make sure only top companies are part of this event and hence ensure that we would be able to attract really good practitioners.

Exclusive Event

Get FREE Agile career counseling/coaching from Naresh Jain, founder of the Agile movement in India.

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Recruiting Companies

What can a Recruiting Company (Employer) do to attract participants?

Seeing is believing! So we would strongly suggest you give participants a glimpse of your work culture. May be setup a pair-programming station and project the programming session on a large screen. May be you can setup a story card wall. Showcase the nature of problems your company is solving. Run a slide-show of pictures from your office. And many more. Just get creative!

What can be expected from the Organizers?

On one of the conference halls, we'll be giving all the participating employers (companies) a table with 2 chairs. We expect the company to bring 2 standees for their branding. Each company will get a 5 mins time-slot during the Job Fair kick-off, to present about themselves to all the participants before heading back to their respective tables for discussions with potential candidates.

Apply to Hire Agile Practitioners

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Agile Architect
Agile Coach
Agile Consultant
Agile Developer
Agile Leader
Agile Tech Lead
Agile Tester
Agile Trainer
Agile UX Designer
Enterprise/Executive Coach
Iteration Manager
Portfolio Manager
Product Owner
Project Manager
Scrum Master
XP (Technical) Coach

Participation Cost

Job Seekers Recruiting Companies
Conference Attendees Only! 15,000 INR per evening + 12.36% Service Tax

Date & Time: 7-9 PM, March 25-27th 2015
Venue: Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore

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